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"Everyone's martial art is personal!" Depending on your age, fitness level, personality, and belief system the decisions made in combat are unique to the individual. This is the "ART" portion of the Martial Arts.

Fighting Evolved is not your typical Martial Arts school. I personally teach no more than 12 hand-picked students. The classes are 2 hours per class and the groups are 4 people or smaller. Every class is custom designed for the individuals in the room. No two classes are the same and we do not have a pre-loaded curriculum. Training in this manner allows students to progress rapidly unfortunately this type of training is not always possible in larger group settings.


The answer is a resounding yes! We analyze statistics of violent encounters to better develop a program that addresses these likely scenarios. A very high percentage of violent encounters occur with multiple attackers or attackers with weapons. These simple statistics should radically affect the way in which you train for self-defense.

Attention Martial    

Arts School   


Since Fighting Evolved is NOT a commercial school we don't compete for students. I love to work directly with other schools helping them with student retention and increasing enrollment through the addition of complementary programs.


We can do it through in-person workshops or virtually. We don't provide generic instruction. The programs will be customized for the specific needs of the individuals. Our goal is not to change what you do but enhance your current curriculum.


It does not matter if you teach BJJ, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, MMA, or Boxing we can customize an incremental program to keep students excited and provide material that enhances your existing skillset.






Popular Educational Modules

Edged Weapons

Impact Weapons

Filipino Dirty Boxing (Panantukan)

Headbutt/Knee/Elbow Synergy

Empty Hand Trapping/Clinch Fighting

Hybrid Kickboxing Blend (Thai, Savate, Boxing, and Jun Fan Kickboxing)


Do We Spar?


This is a frequent question that I am asked. My students range from 18 to their late 70's! If you are truly training for self-defense sparring is mandatory. All of my students spar! We frequently stick fight, knife fight, clinch spar, kickbox, and we work quick finishes and positional escapes on the ground. "You can spar safely with the right instruction and training partners."



  • Heuristic Rules to simplify decision making 

  • Principle/Concept-Based Learning

  • Manipulating the Human Reactionary Gap

  • Frames/Reference Points

  • Live Training/Sparring

  • Contextual Considerations

  • Awareness/De-escalation Training

  • Neuromuscular Considerations 




Fighting Evolved has 3 primary categories of Training


Combative Training

Traditional Martial Arts

Sport MMA


Combative's training is typically high percentage techniques that are pressure tested in real-time. These techniques are generally simple and direct "no-frills". The techniques used in our combative training come from traditional martial arts and MMA. Combative training incorporates blade work, impact weapons, multiple opponents, empty hand striking, clinch, and firearm management.


Traditional Martial Arts play a large role in our curriculum. Filipino Kali, Wing Chun, JKD Concepts, Silat, Boxing, Thai Boxing, and Grappling Systems are all present in our curriculum.

Sport MMA not only offers a great array of functional techniques it provides a great testing ground for the combative program. If we can make the technique work against maximal resistance in the sport setting we have a very high likely hood of making it work on the street.

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