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Who Is Drew Lockett


My Story:

As a child I had a fascination with the martial arts. I would cut my Mothers brooms in pieces and make nunchaku's and bow staffs. My Mother eventually became frustrated with me fabricating weapons from her cleaning supplies. She finally agreed to enroll me in a Karate program. I began my training in a traditional full contact Karate style. Although the experience was a positive one. I was not convinced that the system I was learning would allow me to protect myself on the street. What if I were to face a skilled boxer, wrestler, multiple opponents or worse someone with a weapon?

I began researching systems that addressed these issues.  My search led me to Guro Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee's Protege). I called the Inosanto Academy in California to see if they could recommend a school that teaches multiple systems including Boxing, Thai Boxing, Grappling and Close Quarter fighting.  I was introduced to an Instructor in Princeton NJ that changed my view of combat, training and life.

This was the beginning of a lifelong journey in the martial arts. I committed myself to training consistently and with as many different partners as possible. Finding the right instructor is critical, any instructor that tells you they have all of the answers and is not actively learning and training is not someone you should be heavily vested in.

I graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy in the late 90's and worked in Sports Medicine for many years in the Philadelphia area. Working with high level athletes, focusing on functional outcomes and employing the use of very specific rehabilitation techniques gave me unique perspective on skill acquisition and sports performance.


Applying neurologic re-education techniques, high level propriocetion drills and sport specific conditioning drills proved to be extremely effective. The only problem is that these techniques are sport specific.


If you are working with a level 10 gymnast or a football player the program has to be modified for that particular athlete. I have spent the last 20 years applying these strategies to combat sports and street self defense.

The psychological component is as important as the physical component when you are dealing with high level athletes. It is even more important when dealing with a life or death situation on the street. With this new found understanding of combat and movement theory, I am excited to share what I have learned over the years with the masses.

I currently reside in the Daytona Beach Florida area. I teach MMA classes with Pro and Amateur fighters during the week and I teach Street classes involving a mixture of close quarter systems on the weekend. 

I am teaching out of an MMA gym owned and operated by UFC veteran and former WEC Champion Rich "Cleat" Crunkilton. I am also active in cornering up and coming fighters.

I want to thank all of my instructors from around the world, for all they have taught me and all they continue to teach me. I would also like to thank my family and students for they make me strive to be a better person and martial artist.

The Birth of Fighting Evolved!

Over the last 3 decades I have had the opportunity to train with people from dozens of different fighting styles. Through this multi-disciplinary approach to training you learn to sure up your weaknesses and continue working on your strengths.

Sparring with Boxers, Thai Boxers, Grapplers and untrained Street Fighters you come to some epiphanies regarding strategies, techniques and the mentality necessary for survival.


Training in full contact stick fighting as well as knife fighting has turned out to be invaluable. Training with weapons creates a heightened sense of awareness and a greater understanding of combat, an understanding that cannot be achieved by ring sports alone.

Once I relocated to Florida I had quite a few people that I have trained with over the years asking for some tutorial videos. I started a private Youtube channel to have a forum to share information that has taken me a lifetime to gather. It took some convincing from family and friends to bring the information to the public. 


I have been incredibly fortunate to have trained with some of the greatest martial artists of our time. It is my hope to promote the martial arts and it's ideals at the highest possible level. I have spent a lifetime experimenting and streamlining my martial system. I am excited to share the techniques, concepts and principles that will allow all students to perform at a higher level in the gym on the street and in life.