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My Martial arts Journey started 36 years ago. I have always had a fascination with the martial arts. I began training in a traditional full contact Karate style. After several years of training, I began teaching Karate full time. I had several friends that were Wrestlers, Boxers, and Judoka. I did well sparring them as long as I was able to maintain distance. Once they would close the gap I was unprepared to manage the striking pressure and takedowns.

In the early 90's it was very difficult to find Muay Thai or Submission based grappling schools. I contacted the legendary Inosanto Academy in California. I knew they were training in Muay Thai, Shoot Wrestling, Kali, JKD, etc... Guro Dan Inosanto forever changed my life! He told me there was an instructor in Princeton New Jersey that was teaching all of the arts I was interested in. I contacted the school and trained there for many years.

The instruction at the school was at a very high level. They also hosted Seminars with some of the greatest Martial Arts instructors in the world. The exposure to these high-level practitioners was invaluable.

I finished my degree in Physical Therapy in the mid-'90s. Armed with a new understanding of Neuro Physiology and Biomechanics, I realized that I was inadvertently applying many of the techniques that I used in Sports Rehabilitation to Martial Arts training. Through the use of "overskill" training, proprioceptive work, and manipulating the human reactionary gap. I was changing the way I looked at martial arts training.

I relocated to Daytona Beach, Florida, and began teaching striking and clinch at an MMA gym owned by a former UFC fighter and WEC Champion. I coached and cornered fighters for several years. I had a great time working with a very dedicated group of athletes.

It was only a matter of time until I returned to my true love and that is training for self-defense and self-improvement and helping advance all Martial Systems!

Train Hard, Train Smart, Train for a Lifetime!


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