• MMA/Clinch/Ground & Pound
    Positions, Strikes, Defense,
    Counters and Flows
  • Boxing/Thai Boxing/Hybrid
    Footwork, Ranges, Angles,
    Head Movement, Striking and
  • Striking for the Street
    East/West Blend - Thai Boxing/
    Filipino Panatukan/Wing Chun/
    Western Boxing.
    Fighting Evolved Shell Series -
    Dynamic Shell, Wedge, Single
    Guard, Headbutt/Knee/Elbow
    Synergy Series
  • Weapon Training  
    Single Stick/Double Stick,
    Combos, Drills, Disarms, Locking,
    Targeting and Line Familiarization
    Knife - Grips, Disarms, Flows,
    Positions of Control and Zoning
    Reflex Training- "The missing link"
    Sensitivity Drills, Energy Drills,
    Timing, Speed and Tactile Drills
    Kali - All weapon variations,
    footwork and weapon sparring
  • Scenario Based
    Situational Awareness,
    De-escalation Tactics, Pre-assault
    Cues, Primitive Reflex Training
    Understanding the Physiologic
    Self Defense Techniques from
    common attack positions.
    Gun, Knife and Weapon Defensive
    Psychology of a Predator

Seminars:  are available and can be customized for the group or individual. 

Workshops: are also available and typically run 2-3 hours.

Private and Semi Private lessons: It is recommend that private lessons have 2, 4 or 6 people per lesson. It is more cost effective and allows for more personalized instruction.

If you are in the Daytona Beach area feel free to drop in or schedule a private lesson.

Instructional Topics Include But Not Limited To The Following: